Is a booking required ? +

Yes, it is recommended to book online to avoid service fee, or via our android or iphone apps. If not by phone on +33(0)4 86 57 26 22 or by email. In those 2 cases, service fees might apply (check our prices section for all details).

For bookings for today (with less than 12h notice), please call our driver on +33(0)6 09 73 90 67.

Note that both numbers are available on whatsapp.

May I cancel a booking and under what conditions ? +

You may cancel a booking without any fee up to 90 minutes before your appointment time with your driver. You may do this online, inside your customer's area.

After this delay, a 45€ cancellation fee will apply.

You'll be reimbursed of any amount you're entitled to in the days following your cancellation, with a voucher valid for one year, except for the 15€ service fee if they were applicable. If you ask for a reimbursement in money, our 15€ service fee apply (see our price page)

What if my return flight is late ? +

Don't worry, all of our customer's flights are checked in real time, so your car will be waiting for you upon your arrival as scheduled without any supplementary charge. That is why we kindly ask you to enter your exact time of arrival in our booking page, with the exact flight number landing in Nice airport (for thos who fly back to Nice of course).

What if I missed my return flight or change it ? +

You must immediately let us know by phone +33(0)4 86 57 26 22 or on our driver line if you return in less than 6 hours (+33(0)609739067) and give us your new flight details. If the changes are made with less than 90 minutes notice before the initial arrival time, a 45€ fee will apply, added to the regular charge you would have paid.

When must I pay ? +

If you choose to pay by credit card, payment is made online when you book.

If you choose another method of payment, your payment must be received at least 2 days before your meeting time with our driver.

If you don't know your return date in Nice at the time of booking, or if you modify it, you will pay an initial amount at the time of booking and a 2nd payment when your return date is confirmed.

Is your service available 24h a day and 7 days a week ? +

Yes, our valets operate 24h a day and 7 days a week. As soon as a reservation is confirmed with a reservation number, our valet will take care of your car as scheduled. Nevertheless, you won't be able to drop off your car to us before 4AM in the morning. Knowing the first flights taking off from Nice airport are at 6AM, this is plenty of time to catch those first morning flights.

Concerning our office hours, reachable by phone on +33(0)486572622 or by email on reservation@easy-parking.com, we answer messages and/or phone calls 7 days a week between 8AM and 8PM.

What if my car is damaged by your fault when I return ? +

If, despite the great professionalism of our drivers, your car is damaged upon your return (the voucher signed upon departure will be taken into account), be confident : your car is fully insured and any damage will be at our charge without any claim to your insurance.

Do you have special rates for frequent travellers ? +

Yes thanks to our bonus with our prepayment offers and with our unlimited offers. All explanations are on our page "our prices" and on our page "be rewarded". For more informations, contact us online or by phone on +33(0)4 86 57 26 22.

How do I modify or cancel a booking ? +

You may modify or cancel any booking online in your customer's area. just click on "start" and follow the steps. 

To avoid our service fee (see "our prices" section), please do your modification or cancellation online, in your customer's area. Those modifications are only possible with 12h notice before your scheduled meeting time. If it's less than 12h, you'll have to call directly our drivers on +33(0)609739067. 

Attention : a 45€ penalty fee will apply if you modify or cancel with less than 90mn notice. 

If your modification leads into a change of fare, you'll be either reimbursed if you paid more than you should, or you'll receive a link to be able to pay online if there is an additional payment required.

Is it possible to book parking only, without the valet-parking service ? +

No, that's not possible. Our parking facilities are only accessible by our staff, and we do not offer parking without valet-parking.

May I book if I don't know when I will collect my car ? +

Yes, you just have to click in the "return date unknown" box in our booking form. You will only pay the valet-parking service when you book and the remaining fee will be paid once you know your return date. You will then have to enter your return details in your customer's area and pay the remaining days.

Where is my car parked ? +

Your car is parked according to your choice in a fully secured and guarded car park : wether it is outside or inside, it is located at around 2 km outside the airport.

How do I pay with Bitcoin ? +

To pay with Bitcoin, book as usual and choose "pay by bank transfer" as a method of payment. Then click here and fill in the exact amount in euros you have to pay in the box next to the "pay with Bitcoin" button, and click on the button. You'll be redirected to our checkout page and the exact amount in Bitcoin will be shown.

Can I park a camper van, or such a high dimension vehicle ? +

Yes you can, but it is more expensive than our regular prices. Please contact us to receive a precise quote.

What types of vehicles can I park with you? What dimensions? +

You can book for any classical car or spacewagon. For any other vehicle higher or bigger than below, please contact us to receive a precise quote.

The maximum height for our interior parking lot is 1.90m and 2.60m for our exterior facility. The max length is 5m. For any other dimension, please contact us.

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